The Stalker

She glides on by

Oblivious innocent temptress;

Leaves awed heads aturned

In her graceful wake


He follows her 

One might presume

Just another spellbound fool

But he's been following for awhile


She notices naught

Caught up in her own little world

From cobblestone to cobblestone

She happily alights


You can see it in his eyes

A longing, a hunger, a lust

His eyes sparsely leave her

His feet never falter on road uneven


Turning a corner, she hums

This streeet quiet, but hte lamps

As bright as her young eyes

And it never occurred to her, to look back


With hastened step

He closes the gap

Sudden solitude, given him courage

Impatience and determination consumate


A slow frown

Creases heavenly brow

Suspicions and fear shatter her world

Like lgass; as footsteps make her turnabout


He's been seen, he knows it

Expectant eyes excited by her fearful face

In his mind, the sin already playing

The perversion enticing, the chase begins


Treading on the fallen shards of

Her perfect little world, she turns and flees

Clinging to hope ellusive

She runs as fast as she can


The game was afoot

He sprints after his prey

Clawing at her flowing dress

Then suddenly, he makes his move


Heart pounding against laced bodice

Tears streaking a frightened face

Gasps and ducks  into a side alley dark

When she had found her way forward barred


A hungry smile, wild eyes

His plan worked, now onward!

He need now only reap his reward


Blinding tears reveal a high wall

Full trembling lips part

To quantify her fear... but no!

A rough hand snatches her cry from her


He had her now!

He mind lost to emotion, sensation

he begins his feral work

Humanity strangled, mercy pinned down.




I watch from afar...

As he had begun to follow

Sighing, his intentions I read

Amateur... I smiling summerized


And here I now stand

The opportunity I had

For so agonizingly long waited for

Finally on silver platter delivered


Coat thrown hastily away

The dark alley I enter

Ready to begin my own little quest

Hold on, my sweet... your knight to your rescue comes!

The End

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