My Mirror Lies

My mirror lies

And I don't know 

Where it picked up the habit

The shameless, unblinking cur

Stares right back

Sheepish grin, confident and jovial

But something's amiss

I know myself a little too well

Theres more underneath

That stupid smile

Hides an unforgettable lonliness

A feeling that just won't go

A feeling so well hidden

By such a cheery smile

A smile my mirror feigns


My mirror lies

And I don't know

Where it picked  up the habit

As I spy scars

An arm and soul

And wonder where

They came from

Why they're so carelessly worn

I frown at the reflection

The liar it is

Those weren't mine

They didn't belong on me

Not on the me that I know

I am

I used to be


My mirror lies...



But so do I...

The End

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