No name.

Shh, Shh, Shh!

Quiet now, I need to listen

Don't ask me why

You'll know when

He's done speaking

Instructor o' mine

His words with wisdom

Drip like golden honey

So brilliantly clear

And you sir,

Need be quiet.


Ah, what sense he makes

If only you'd stop

Interrupting and listen

Just because he chooses

To ignore your ignorance

Gives you no right ot

Talk in between

Now shush and stay yourself

For this is important;

Has meaning far beyond

What either of us could ever see


That's it! I've had enough

Just what is wrong with you

You refuse to listen

Your fooolhardiness, understandable

You refuse to understand

Your shortsightedness, forgiveable

But... you refuse our conversation

This he won't understand nor forgive

You've tested his patience as well as mine, sir

And of course you can't see him

He appears to no one but me.


[[ Written during class so it might not be perfect, but I kind of liked it.]]

The End

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