Ramblings With Rhyme

My weird head overflowing... it has to do that from time-to-time or it might actually explode.
I'm not saying this is any good, in fact it's some rather random clippings from the part of my brain that can actualy make sense of what the rest of it is trying to say.
A place to drip the dregs of a potential brew before they spill & get lost forever

Sometimes we get lost in technicality, trying to get it perfect and losing sight in vanity, forgetting what it really means to do what's right by any means

In a quest for perfection we build up protection and only end up hermits, though we probably deserve it.

It's not a given that all will go as planned; the world is often hostile when you most need a friend.

So fight your insecurities, it always felt a part of me to ignore myself and forget what I had learned, but nothing will be sweeter than the providence you've earned, and I'll forgive you if you speak out of turn.

If everything's right then we've nothing to fix, remember that next time your mind is playing tricks. We wouldn't have mothers or love for one another if we all knew our place in the great human race.

We need our flaws in this world of ours, or no one would nurture our poor little hearts.

The End

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