Just a thought..

Raindrops on the window, or maybe tears in my eyes.

My world used to be so clear, but clouds have taken the skies.

Once I was like a giant mountain, standing tall and free.

But I've lost all my power and my words, and I can't seem to see.

I need someone to yell at, to scream and let things go.

The pain is building up inside me, more than you'd ever know.

I wish someone would help me, and make me feel alright.

But it's probably time to backdown now, stop this horrible fight. 

That's when you came in to save me...


You swept me off my feet, made my feel alive.

I started living better, doing anything to strive.

If you go I will breakdown,

The smile I'm wearing with turn into a frown...

So don't, just don't leave me. 


The End

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