The act of writing this was the act of facing and dealing with all the things in my life that brought me pain and made me angry.

My heart pounds in my ears

There's nothing else I can hear

Black clouds, thunder roars

Outside alone in the storm

In the storm, I'm not wet

I walk between the raindrops

Down I laid beneath the trees

And felt the rain fall on me

I tasted vinegar on my tongue

Of wild grapes when they were young

Feral days now forgotten

I walk between the raindrops

A sad goodbye, a broken heart

Two friends always torn apart

Towards new horizons I was drug to face

O'er the sky I stood and gazed

The only constance in my life

I walk between the raindrops

A stolen child or really five

Parents' grief, a heart on fire

Surely done, all this you said

I can't tell what was in my head

A thousand miles were cried and run

I walk between the raindrops

I saw you there, in between

Loving them and loving me

You took that child away from me

Butnow my heart is finally free

I think of you without malice

I walk between the raindrops

A night of screams and desperate pleas

You beat me on my knees

I remember blood and my swollen mouth

And all the hate my heart allowed

Now, I cry and let it go

And walk between the raindrops

Earth and fire, air and water

I know what it means

And you know the pull it has for me

The moon, an altar, metal and water

She not he and I succumbed

I walk between the raindrops

In my head at night I screamed

It was empty space on which I leaned

Unseen terror breaking silence

Whispers passing, shouts, and violence

What can they touch me with now?

I walk between the raindrops.

The End

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