On a serene august twilight,

With a hint of mist in the air,

She sits by her window

staring into the auburn endlessness

and evening birds in their homely flight…


She gazes into the gloomy hazy sky

as a zephyr ruffles her jasmine scented hair

soothing her grief ridden soul and stupor

like sun in winter mornings glare…..


She turns the pages the of her life

And sees where s come

Although none of this was on her list

Yet this is wat it has become…


Still wid a grit in her heart

And a hymn on her lips..

She accepts all dat gods given

Without a sign of regret or grief..

The anklets on her feet tings on her stroll

to the dead silence before the storm

in her splendor does she enthrall…


the clouds begin to rumble

lighting up the sky in illuminance

as the almighty displays his wrath

hassling the air into turbulence…



Its love dat she s scared of

Coz pain s all dat she gets..

Though her hearts pure as gold

And soul peaceful as a dove..

Its betrayal that cowers her into woes manifold…


The heavens open their gate

Showering blessings of raindrops

Quenching the earth s thirst

With love never ending…


A tiny lil raindrop plummets on her cheek

Sparkling up her face like a pearl

Shivers run down her spine

Wid ecstasy she is filled

Turning all her constrain into candor

And distress into delight…


For her hearts pure as the raindrop

Compassionate is all she can be

So to the heavens she s obliged

For the raindrop to set her free…

The End

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