Poem I wrote to a friend that has really been there for me and I have feelings towards her...I was just trying to put it out there

Pick up your crayons and I’ll pick up mine,

Let’s color the tears engraved on our chins,

Pay no attention when they call us clowns,

We’re just a bridge away from the greener side,

The irony of how we celebrate in tears,

Even the sun needs rain for the rainbow to be born.


Every morning I unzip my eyes to the blue sky,

Hoping your blood flows red under your skin as mine,

Waiting for the yellow sun to shine the black away,

To bind our broken hearts and our broken dreams,

So you can soar with clouds below you on your broken wings,

And be my hero in a violet armor.


Close your eyes and whisper to my silent white.

Hold my hands as we dance in the masquerade of owls,

As little angels fill the floor with petals of orange roses,

As we sway together in patched togas,

When I open my eyes to the nightmare of the weeping sky

I’ll smile when I see your glitters in the twilight.


Even heroes need heroes.

Even angels need angels

The End

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