I love the rain with all my heart
its like the clouds form of art

Even though i love the rain
it seems to bring me so much pain

every drop that falls down my window
makes me think of tears from a widow

or a lost, cold, lonely child
or an injury that was brutal but mild 

The darkness builds across the sky
Makes me think of loved ones who i know will eventually die 

The Lightning reminds me of Hospital Lights
when you're being rushed to the E.R. and  hearing all the ifs and mights

the thunders boom pounds through my head
And I toss and turn in my bed

Because ,it seems, its rained everyday in all my bad memories
I may just imagine it, but that's how there written in all of my diaries

 but if you look closely,each drop of rain glimmers as it slides down
leaving a trail of its journey and the thunder creates a harmonic sound

then, after the rain is gone and the clouds disappear
a beautiful rainbow shines  out hope and gets rid of all the dispear 

And, oh how I love the rain
even though it brings me pain 

The End

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