Okay, this is a poem about....rain. BUT! I'm not done. While I was writing I was like....uhhh? And i didn't know what else to write. But, I just HAVE to post this now!

The clouds form in front of the sun,

And just like that, all events are done.

Everytime the city expects rain,

I always think: "Will it be wild or tame?"


When the time has come and you feel the first drop,

The whole world around you seems to stop.

The rain isn't bad, it helps us a lot!

Like that small flower sitting in the pot.


As the puddles in the ground become deep,

the sharp beat of the rain drops sing me to sleep.

The next day, the rain ends.

Will it be a good day? Well, that depends.


Now that I've expressed the feelings I've gained,

it's my turn to ask, what do you think about rain?


The End

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