rain is not always a bad thing, it helps wash away fears and it brings forth emotions that are long forgotten. a rain drop is so much more than just a rain drop.

the sunlight begins to fade as storm clouds come over the plains,

and droplets of rain begin to fall effortlessly, and wash away the stains.

as the rain drops fall, I feel compelled to follow them as they drop,

and bad feelings and memories of my past begin to stop.

the rain you see, it heals all the pain and washes it all away,

it dances with the sound of thunder, in deep puddles they sway.

rain is beautiful, the sounds of it falling are so calm and full of peace,

and darkness and gloom, and all evil shall begin to finally cease.

towards the end of rain's, beautifully constructed sonnet of everlasting glow,

look towards the sky, and behold its last masterpiece, a glistening rainbow.

The End

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