Only rainbows after rain.

Its foggy when I walk about,

A torn and dusty road,

Rain pours and thunder sounds,

Soaking the muddy ground,

The clouds are grey,

Asking me to stay,

Here on this world, never to fly,

Never to dream of touching the sky,

But I'm scared,

Outright afraid,

Of what else lies my way,

But I have the option to walk or stay,

And I go on,

The clouds, they found,

That I was pressing on harder,

They promised if I stop, they'd stop being such a bother,

But I have to go on,

The skies are torn,

The trees block my way,

But I'm not going to stay,

The clouds they're drained,

So long they've rained,

And squeezed out every last drop,

Ever hopeful I don't stop,

The clouds clear,

But I don't stay here,

As I continue to move,

The sun breaks through,

The fog dissipates,

The trees withdraw with haste,

Because I've reached where I had to go,

I can see a rainbow.

The End

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