Why Fear Death???Mature

Life is not the valuable, glittering diamond your clichés declare,

You're not worth twelve of anyone, we're all destined for death eventually,

Worm-eaten and rotting remains of us, of blood and bits of stardust.


Fragile? maybe. Unique? never.

We're all just numbers and copies, some resist and

Others bury themselves, I'm never the latter but in the end

It doesn't matter.


Explosions of hearts and bullets, a cold and worthless

"god's" glove-puppets fall, and think their "afterlife" will preserve every

Feature and colour, you don't want the chains you wore to have been

In vain.


Don't fear the things that must happen, we're all just "god's" abortions, really.

The inevitable won't leave a scar,

You're not the first, you're not the last, I'm not afraid of dying,

Death is a pillow over the face of

A life's worth of bullshit, plug him out and watch him

Drift away.





The End

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