The poem is about a kitten, and the cruel world in which she lives.
It was written when I was in sixth standard, so isn't high on narration, but I didn't want to edit it.

Aqua blue eyes,
and a bobbing tail.
The kitten's name was Raechel,
and I'm going to tell you her tale.

The reason of smiles,
The bringer of happiness.
A mass of white fur she was,
So smooth which everyone would caress.

There was once an old man,
Whose son had died in the war.
He didn't smile even once,
There was no happiness in the city for him, wide and far.

Raechel approached him with a yawn,
And meowed as she walked with steps agile.
The cat grace with a beautiful face,
made him forget his woes for a while.

The onlookers had their jaws on the ground,
As they saw a perpetually sad man-laugh.
Raechel licked her paws clean,
The old man got up with the help of his staff.

He fed her a small portion of the bread he had,
The feline mammal purred a thanks.
Old man wiped his tears as he moved,
And before leaving, gently patted the cat's flank.

A beautiful face was all she had,
and white fur complementing her blue eyes.
Nevertheless she brought a smile to anybody at whom she meowed,
Such was Raechel, a cat that was wise.

Wise because she knew what sorrow is,
And thus kept everyone smiling.
Her mother had left her as soon as she was born,
It were the humans who had brought her up, much to every body
else's liking.

In a world full of grief,
She carried the flame of happiness in her eyes.
Sadness was always afraid of her delightful presence,
And so were the poor mice.

But one day, as she basked in the sun on the road,
A car struck her full in the face.
The source of joy in that part of universe died without feeling any
All due to the Almighty's grace.

No one could help crying bitterly,
as people looked into the frozen turquoise eyes.
All that was left echoing in the stillness of a cruel world, was-
"Oh God! I had to die, I knew. But this way...why?"

The End

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