radioactive in the shadows

there ain't no monsters in the dark,
'cept for the ones we carry with us

because in the war-torn world
strewn with broken families
and dead bodies carrying the weight
of the entire world in their rotting shoulders,
we don't got any time for that.

when we were kids, our parents
would indulge us with closet-searches
and checking under the bed for glowing red eyes
but now that we're older, we're expected
to hold our tongues and suck it up.

when we're adults, or even teenagers,
we are told that we're not allowed to be scared anymore.
we have to be the brave ones, emotionless.
it's the way of the world, they tell us

but i thought that in this world
you could placate a child as easily as an elder,
comfort a middle-aged woman
with as much experience as
holding a teenage boy close

and love doesn't factor into it,
i long gave up on love,

but nobody checks my closets anymore.
and if they did, they'd only see the monsters.

i'm allowed to be scared
if it's slowly consuming me.

The End

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