We've got to admit that life is a race isn't it. Here is a poem describing just that!


Life is a Race                                                                                                    

There’s no denying it                                                                                     

something we must all face                                                                                         

by trying to rush through it


The race begins                                                                                                                      

on the days of schooling                                                                                             

trying to oust their peers                                                                                              

  in all of their doing.


In a world where literacy is precious                                                                        

There is no time for one to be pious                                                                                  

God can but only aid us in our doing                                                                               

But not grant us everything on our asking.


We must crush others on our way to the end                                                                  

Without doing so, out goal will be out of reach                                                            

By going through the obstacles in our path                                                                               

  Is the only way we have a chance to fulfill our goals without breach


The race continues when one turns adolescent                                                                          With such immense pressure that the mind pleads for a vent                                              With exams and tests, the mind is kept busy                                                                     

This only forces us to theorize that life is all out crazy.


When one acquires a job and receives money                                                                        

   it only but helps to increase the burning desire to overtake his company                                                                                                               for when one learns to earn                                                                                              

He also learns to yearn


When one treads the chaotic path of life                                                                              

He sometimes pauses to think                                                                                          

what is the purpose of this meaningless journey?                                                                       But before he finds a solution                                                                                           

He is forced to move on by someone else’s decision


When the skin starts to shrivel and the hair turns grey                                                     

One presumes that the race has stopped                                                                           

but realize in dismay that there is some more distance to run                                                                    and crush others along the way


Life is but a race                                                                                                                       

from beginning to end                                                                                                 

where we have no other way                                                                                         

but to run alongside others, my friend.


-         By Karthik








The End

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