Filling out applications,
There's a space
For my race
Check a box.

White does not describe me,
Black does not describe me,
Red, Yellow, Brown, Green, Blue does not describe me.
You notice they're all colors since they're things you can see,
Not things you can feel.

Yes I am of european descent,
And yes my skin is as pale as my ancestors from Kent,
But I don't say that I am white,

Despite all the inequality,
The prejudice, firehoses, dogs, border fences for all to see
Despite the suffering,
I envy the minority,
'Cause you see–
I wish I could trace my ancestors back for thousands of years,
I wish I knew who, for me to live here, shed tears,
And I envy the sense of identity,
Of someone who can say that I am a black girl and I'm proud to be me,
A latina, a korean, a registered cherokee–

What is your Race/Ethnicity?

Let me tell you something,
My race is the human race,
It's the race to embrace,
To erase the every trace of the hate and replace
Their chants with the bass that I blast in their face–
And I'll let you on in a little secret,
What you hear emanating from the speakers on my shoulder– 
Is the beat of love.

The End

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