About a love that was like quicksand.

Our love was only ever meant to

be like quicksand.

To fall in love so quickly,

then to be drowned in the night.

The Prince of Darkness and the Queen of Light,

were never supposed to meet that fated night.

For she loved him purely and whole-hearted,

and he loved her wickedly and half-hearted.

So you see, our love was doomed from the start,

for it was never love to begin with.

For I gave all that I had to be in your arms,

and you took all that I had to defeat my land.

So, you can tell, that all that we ever were,

was a puddle of quicksand, greedily sucking everything in.

Our love or lack thereof,

destroyed our lands.

They were sucked into our puddle of quicksand,

and now lay waste at the fringes of hell.

This is what happens when the dark meets the light,

and they try to love.

A puddle of quicksand absorbs the light,

and sucks in the night,

to leave behind a dreadful sight.

The End

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