quick words sticking to the insides of rows of teeth

and he was kind to me, 
scared person all compressed and cramped into one space

i wonder if he could tell that i'd been binding that day
and tender at the hips where i bled easily
biting at my lips until they're smeared with red

and he wasn't the type of scary i'm used to, 
he had on a thin layer of sheer gloss and a soft pink shirt
his shoulders thin and bony under my palms when i hugged him

and i've met so many people, 
thrown out of focus and blurring out of place, 
like we're a movie theater with no windows

but this is different, 
instant acceptance, 
he looks at me with this side-glance 
and slings an arm around my shoulders, 
voice soft when he speaks because he saw me flinching earlier

and these are just people, 
who don't care about the ink stains worn into the creases of my hands
or the music seeping from my headphones and dripping down, 
down under the ridge of my chin and soaking into the skin of my neck

so here we go, 
when the night swallows the morning
until it's gone, 
faint wisps in the air

and i can't b r e a t h e a whole lot these days 
but i don't think that really matters all that much at this point

The End

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