quick fix.

trope: the lover who kisses your scars and makes you whole again

do not think yourself brave
for loving me

i will not be:
the dark, foreboding sky
no light pierces
except for you
the humble sun,
a humble son

i will not be:
a tempest sea
sailors traverse
in hope of something beautiful
something virginal
spare for you, our solemn soldier
man of the fleets

i will not be:
the undying night
that looms over the damned,
forsaken things
from a place which you, vigilant, valiant,
and victorious, have come to redeem

i wll not be:
but the sun, and the sky, and the moon,
and the mountains on which this great temple
that is my body is build upon
and where you,
come to worship me

i will recover;
do not dismiss me

The End

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