questions at 10:04 PM

do octopi have good eyesight?

what is the plural of jellyfish?
can my cat understand the English language?
am i really allowed to disregard capitals in poetry?
do those doors marked with red actually set off an alarm?

these are questions i ask myself.

sure, it may be 10:00 here, but maybe it isn't somewhere else.

like... Guatemala.

sorry, Guatemala.
i think it's probably night over there, too. 


if Josie from Night Vale has an black angel,
does she have a hispanic one too?

sorry, that one was completely out of the blue.

where does that phrase come from?
the sky?
no, that doesn't really make sense.

how long does it take to get circulation back into my foot
after my cat has been sleeping on it for an hour or two?

i'm not actually sure about that one.

how little sleep can i function on?

not even going to test that one out.

how much can i hate myself?

aaaaand i'm straying into dangerous territory.

what happens if i ignore my potatoes for a month?

well, i know the answer to that one.

whoo are you?

i'm going to sleep.

live long and prosper, muthaf-ckers.

The End

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