Do you want to see me?

I sure as hell see you--

Have you ever appeased a girl?

I doubt you ever have.


Do you want to drown me,

Out of an existence so pure?

You can take it as being literal,

Or you can think of my soul.


Do you think I am pretty?

What do you really see?

Do you see a picture of a girl,

Hiding too deep within me?


When you say you love me,

Do you really mean it?

When you ask me how I am doing,

Is it to me you're really speaking?


When I ask you for attention,

What goes through your mind?

Do you think I am needy,

Or do you just want to keep to the side?


When you see me crying,

What do you think about?

Do you wish I would stop,

Trying to figure you out completely?


And what do you do with these questions,

That seem to come out when we fight,

When I see you're not paying attention,

To the tears I am wringing out?


Do you think what I am doing is just?

Do you really think I care?

I guess it isn't so mature,

To rip these pictures up?


I sit on the front stoop,

Asking all this of me,

When will I be able,

To stop thinking of you and me?

The End

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