queer tributes

here's to the mythicals:
bisexuals, asexuals, pansexuals,
aromantics, demisexuals, 
and all the rest of you. 

we're here, we're not invisible,
and we want some goddamn support. 

hey, LGTBQA+ community?
you need to suck it up 
and grit your teeth and bear it. 
you need to smile and nod. 

bisexuals: you are not "greedy".
you are not "going to turn
straight or gay eventually".
you like male and female people
(also non-binary people sometimes)
and that? that is okay. 
do not let people push you into a box.
you can be bi and like girls more
you can be bi and like boys more.
you choose your identity.

asexuals: you are not a "late bloomer".
you are not going to "find the one"
and suddenly decide to have sex. 
it does not work that way. 
do not feel ashamed of your lack 
of attraction to people, that is okay.
it is also okay to have sex. 
there is nothing wrong with you,
you are not "broken" in any way.

aromantics: you do not need to be asexual.
they are two different things.
one can be with or without the other. 
you do not need to date, 
you do not need to bend to expectations. 
there is nothing you need to fix about you. 
be brave and and be strong, 
it will all turn out alright.

pansexuals: you are not limited.
do not be ashamed of who you are,
it is not a bad thing
and you only have more freedom,
do not bend to anything
that you are not.

demisexuals: it's okay to wait.
to have to get to know them first
is not a bad thing, it is merely 
the way you are wired.
raise your head and stand up tall,
you are who you are 
and that is more than fine. 

all of the mis-matched ones:
your romantic orientaton
(who you want to cuddle, kiss, smile at,
wake up to in the mornings, hug)
does not have to match your sexual orientation,
it is okay to have an identity 
that resembles mis-matched socks.
you are real, you are okay.

and, to everyone i didn't cover:
smile and throwtheo

The End

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