Pushed To ExtinctionMature

My past is my History and I wish it to be shrouded in mystery.

Whats that the Bitch said to me?

"Your a disgrace,

a copied remake of a

generation filled with mistakes.

You should just lie down

                                         and just swallow a full case......

 its about time someone told you your a piss-take...

Why not wander home?

 And we can pretend you were

 a mistake.....

Forget about your depressive fits,

 we are trying to get

 a number one hit...

Why not just slit your wrist?

And fall into a very

 deep pit?

That way we can omit that horrible dark musical shit,

 that you wished we banged our heads

 in tune with....

Are we on the same page?

 You suicidal,

 manic depressant idol.

We do not want you.

 Just leave please.

 You are not the bees knees...

You are no more then the cats flees.

 Heavens waiting,

 or are you hesitating?...

I left.

If they had placed a bet,

I can guess they won and passed their 'sociably acceptable' test.

I was no longer at my best,

And I was currently failing some Gods quest,

As I ran the blade across my lower arm, inflicting harm...


The End

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