Push Through

They always say heat rises.
Yet also they always say down in the darkest depths of your mind.
I say that the one place you curl up in,
the one spot in your mind where you go,
when you are sobbing,
when you're alone,
is up at the top of your mind,
and like heat,
when you try to burry it,
and push it down,
it rises back up.

Deep down,
where we pretend sadness is,
is the happiness,
the warm feelings,
the spurt of life that makes you move on.
That happiness of stepping in cool mud,
while walking,
a meadow.
That feeling of sun after a cold cloudy wind storm.
The inspiration of love,
the laughter from a newborn,
the fur of a puppy,
the frizz to your hair.

The challenges of life,
according to THEM,
is to push and bury the hatchet,
to hide the pain and suffering,
to push down the sadness.
The brave face,
the smiling mom kissing her two year old after hours from 4 to 12.

I say that is the easy part.
To pretend,
to act.
The real hard part,
must be,
has to be,
pushing through the heat,
the pain,
the sadness,
to the happiness part of your mind.
It will never go away,
but you can push through it and survive,
in your own happiness,
at the bottom of the cement pool.

The End

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