She looked at me with eyes of swelling oceans,
Dreamt reasons that never met their measure,
Saw fingers flitting through dark strands.

The sand was hard and heavy, big stones, pressing spines.
The stars spat incandescent, through night's crushing wake.
The moon, deep and pulsing it's ochre light across the wash.

I hold mirrors bent, cradled in the crescent of my broken bones,
I drink deep, (sw)allowing the poison to lick my lungs,
She looked at me with eyes of broken oceans.






With shards of sky lodged deeply in my sides, I hold you into the night,
Press you in, fold you away and keep you stored close to my chest,
You hear my breathes, deep and  crippled by the chill of dark.

I kiss with emerald eyes, 
A dream of black, burning rings,
A circle close to my mind.

She looked at me with eyes of empty oceans. 


The End

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