Pursuit of Happiness

If one flies on wings of Fancy,
To break sweet Folly’s fall,
Chase Wanderlust, or listen to
Euphoria’s solemn call.

If one can saddle Bliss’ back
Or call blunt Ign’rance tame,
And yet twixt all the difference,
Can call them both the same.

If one can trust the treach’rous,
And tells the truth to thieves,
Yet tickles Justice ‘neath the chin,
Leaves Lust among the leaves.

If one can watch in wonder while
Dawn breaks across the land,
And still sit by while fading Night
Takes cig’rettes from one’s hand.

If one can de-throne Fantasy,
Yet baffle all Logicians,
If one can sing the Siren’s songs,
But snubs the famed magician.

If one can drink from Sorrow’s cup
Until it makes one sick,
Then lie down in the corners where
Reality won’t stick.

The End

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