Purple Wristband

Just want you guys to know this is about the past not the present (: thanks xxxx

When you go to take my hand

Please don’t move my purple wristband

I know you’d never understand

Only the people who’ve done it can.


When you go to grab my wrist

I try not to flinch or resist

You’d probably still get the jist

But I’d hope it was something that you missed.


When you go to touch my arm

I try to keep completely calm

I cross my toes and hide my alarm

Hoping you don’t see my nails digging into my palm.


At night, blinkered by my tears,

I try to ignore the teardrop smears

As all my heartbreak and my fears

Are put to rest and relieved here.


So when you go to take my hand,

Please don’t move my purple wristband,

Because when the pain is so much I can’t stand,

I can’t just stick my head in the sand.

The End

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