Purple Fairy Named M

She does not speak to me

beyond what is necessary.

She fleets and flitters about,

leaving behind trails of shimmering grins,

starting laughter.

Never have I seen someone so small

so full of life.

Every time I see her, 

she seems to be suffering from some injury.

Gravity is her biggest enemy,

for beneath her shoulder blades

rest butterfly wings.

I do not speak to her

beyond what is necessary.

But as I see her limping away

I silently beg her not to give up,

for someday she will soar.

And though there is not much to be said

I'll never forget 

the time she hugged me,

wrapped her arms around me,

shared her bubbly sweetness with my soul,

made me feel so whole.

There she goes,

a sweet purple fairy.

Sweet Marie.

The End

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