Pure Snow

She stares blindly behind her,

Leaving no trace of her existence,

The footsteps of her lover,

They disappear in the snow, leaving no presence.


Her heart is shaded by the colors that break her strength,

The white of the purity that rains upon her land,

The darkness that is blinding her at a strong length,

His footsteps have gone, ignoring her heart's demand.


She urges the shade to find her, to hide her from the lies that fall,

From the grey, dead sky that showers her with nothing

But a worthless whiteness that ignores her call,

Maybe he will appear, just perhaps she will see something.


Can you see a lie as it spreads over your mind?

It covers your skies and rains upon you in the hidden form of trust,

It takes the breaking pain to remind,

That the longing, needing your heart is wishing for is, but lust.


That girl sits lonely, isolated from the illusion that was him,

Her fingers grow stony; grow cold with the resentment of love,

Her calls have lowered, her voice has grown dim,

Her trust is seen flying through the skies with the lies, like a dove.


The snow envelopes her and she is hidden from us all,

Her lover has departed from her, his footsteps now gone,

The snow grows, on her shoulders and waiting knees, tall,

What has this pure snow done?


The End

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