Rowdy Rainbows!

People always ask me when they’ve nothing else to say,

What’s your favourite colour? Red, green, orange, grey?

And I always tell them in my twinkling, sparkley way,

My favourite colour is RAINBOW! ‘Cause they’re pretty, bright and gay!

And NO it isn’t cheating! Rainbow is a special hue,

They’re sugar-bright and magic! And you should love them too!

They bend over backwards to paint a smile on you,

And send you a cheering ray of yellow, purple, blue!

When I go out a’walking, rainbow is my style,

People look at me and break out in a laughing-smile,

At my top hat which starts red,

To yellow where it meets my head,

And my jacket all in green,

Of a special leafy sheen,

And my jeans are always blue,

(though there’s other colours too)

Violet are my socks,

With indigo at the toe-tops!

Pleased to meet you all, I’m rainbow girl,

I come not in black, grey, mother of pearl,

No hue or shade, faded or duller,

Only rainbow, the greatest colour!


The End

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