Delicious Drinkies!

Amaretto smooth and sweet,

Lambrini for when I feel cheap,

Captain Morgan, he's my man,

Olive martini I love to slam,

Hot and heavy chilli shots,

Oh dear lord give me Vox,

Luscious Mojito I do chug,

Icy Cosmo's in a Jug,

Champagne dated 52'

Super-size my malibu!

Since the first meeting in double A,

No real chance to have my say.

Since that beastly intervention,

They pursue my evil abstention

I spied the counseller in the pub

Having several pints with his grub,

I have an idea, call it fate,

I've found a brand new drinking mate!

**Disclaimer: In no way do I promote alcoholism, or alchoholics. But lets be honest responsibility for your own actions and the freedom to destroy your own body in anyway you see fit is up to the bodies owners discretion, Toodles!**

The End

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