Lush Addict!

I have a lot of favourite things,

(For I’m known to be fickle)

But my bestest, mostest fave of all,

Is also the most little!

I LOVE my luscious lipbalm!

From lovely, lovely Lush,

That honey-sweet-vanilla-tasting

Chocolately-good mush!

I wear it in the winter,

Summer, auturm and spring,

I wear it with my Sunday best,

Speedos and rubber ring!

It sweetens even the dullest task,

Worn when doing the dishes,

And it’s always fun to wear it out,

Where it’s sure to get you…drinks?

Yes, Lush’s Honey Trap lip balm,

Nothing for sure can beat it,

The only tiny problem is,

I cannot help but eat it!

The End

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