Puppy Proofing!

Im having a little trouble, with my house and all its stuff!

I'm worried that new puppy, will slowly mess things up!

Theres wires from the TV and wires from my Wii,

Puppy's tiny little puppy teeth will really worry me!

Puppies only tiny and I think its plain to see,

All the places puppy can burrow so she can hide from me!

Theres lots of little places, the washers always open!

Just one hot wash and "oh my gosh!" Poor puppies neck is broken!

And what of henry hoover? The bane of all puppydom!

If it should fall from off the wall then puppy's surely gone!

Now don't forget Poppy Collie, mummy's older dog!

She might be rude and awfully crude or leave her in a bog!

I think i'm plainly spoken, and its so plain to see, poppy's great the house is safe the worrier is me!

So welcome little puppy, everythings safe, and prepared!

You'll be safe and all loved up its just me who is scared!

The End

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