puppy love

my heart aches, only for a moment.

It's still trained to jump

at the mention of your name.

But after you brush it off like an unwanted fly,


I learn to swallow and go on.

You wrote me a question mark today,

I replied in excited exclamations,

and applied sweet vanilla perfume to my neck,

just in case,

when all you wanted was a lighter,

not my love's flame.

I laughed loudly at your jokes,

and when I was alone, crumpled against the wall

crushed like the filter of a smoke between your fingers.

But it's only a moment, and it passes,

and I learn to put my smile back on my face.

The next time I see you, my heart will race and ache,

but I'm learning to train it,

like an energetic puppy

hoping for adoption.


I say.

This man isn't for you.

Not today.

The End

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