A poem inspired by a song I heard in a friends car

Puppets held together with strings 

Trying to figure out what all of it means

Our movements mimic mystery, a shrouded origination

puppet masters move us we are products of imitation

Limitations placed at birth have caused our inhibition

and all the while we make our plans that come to no fruitiion

I've lost my intuition and thus my frame of thought

we still haven't learned our lessons despite what weve been taught

I stare into a mirror that doens't mirror my reflection

I look into this mirror and see my imperfections

Puppet master pull my strings make me dance for your affection

We are so easily led along by misconceptions

Assumptions lead to mess ups and misinterpretations

So people relay messages of miscommunication

So now people look at me with eyes of pure hatred

Gave my trust to so many but now I feel that I've misplaced it

Thought I was on top but the tables have been turned 

It seems some people in life just want to watch me burn. 


The End

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