Punishment Truck

Crash, Boom, Bang, Roll, Smash
Don't you hear the bell
Punishment truck acomin'
Rollin like a bat outa hell

Punishment Truck real Fast
Punishment Truck real Big
Punishment Truck Screamin Fire
Like a Soviet MIG

Flying thru the air
Death, Mayhem, Destruction on its mind
Punishment Truck comin
It'll be here most anytime

What you done did
Punishment Truck already know
No where you can hide
No place you can go

You can't get outta the way
You can't save your ass
i said Punishment Truck acomin
its comin too damn fast

so damn fast,
it don't see that some of the people caught standin in the way
didn't have no price
they was supposed to pay

but pay they do
cause punishment truck don't care
i told you: punishment truck acomin
you'd best beware

The End

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