you roll in like morning fogMature

You roll in like morning fog, blotting out all the rest until
the low light of your presence is all I can see, but I don’t really mind.
You cover the world and I can finally breathe.
You are not the monster lurking in the murk, 
but you bring him everywhere you go.

Darkness settles amidst the gloom and I can’t find
the path to walk along to get me home, until you part like
the waters and swallow the footprints I leave behind.
You bring the monster lurking in the obscurity everywhere you go,
but you are not him, you are not him, you are not him.

Where is the line drawn between the shadows 
that harbor the beasts and the beasts themselves?
You can tell me that you are not him 
but all I see are eyes in the dark.

The End

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