do you remember how we used to be tidal waves?Mature

Do you remember

how we used to crash into each other

like opposing tidal waves fighting for territory - 

like winds meeting to create tornadoes?

I remember, I remember it all too well.

The taste of salt on your skin like nectar,

the smell of lust and the heat of fresh adrenaline,

and the wildfire that sprang to life where we touched.

You’ve become just a remembrance I look in the eyes

every day of my life, just an old ghost whose lips I still kiss


I remember how easy it used to be

to coax you into my bed, into my shower, 

into the back seat of your station wagon,

and the memory burns like a fresh wound

trying to scab over too early.

We’ve grown up and grown apart,

and every time you push me aside

the flame of what we once were dims a little more.

The End

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