we are just echoesMature

when we first met i thought
how could i have gone this long without knowing you?
you are a constellation i’d seen and 
thought nothing of until a night 
when the sliver of moon could no longer outshine you.

as children, we were reckless with our hearts,
we were wild and fearless; even when the darkness
sank into our wallpaper and the skittering noises
of the creatures under our beds kept us up at night,
we still thought of ways to get them out.
we are older but we are still reckless in other ways;
the monsters are in our beds now, and we
stay up all night thinking of ways to make them stay.

the first time i was left alone in my mother’s house,
i wandered the halls and i spoke only loud enough 
to hear my voice echo in the empty corners.
the first time i was left alone in my mother’s house
when we were dating, i snuck you inside and kissed you
as hard as i could; hard enough to bruise my lips
and remind me the next day of what it felt like to know you.

for years our love has been sustained on cheap cigarettes
and tumblers of whiskey, on joints and late nights and old movies,
on rainstorms and mountains and wastes of time. 

we are just echoes in empty houses.

The End

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