all my life i've wished i could trade flesh for barkMature

I close my eyes and imagine myself in a few years, I imagine myself without you - I think of the weights we put on each other and the way they bruise our skin, and I think of the words we sling like daggers that do more damage than blades ever could, and I think of all the time we spend disconnected - but I know I’m not happy in this future where you and I have gone down separate roads.  

I was always a soft-fleshed girl; prone to bleeding and prone to leaking and prone to finding all the hardest ways to go about things.  I never learned to bandage myself up, only learned to develop scars and wield them as proof of my capabilities when they were nothing but proof of my inability to let my skin become my armor.  

All my life I’ve wished I could trade flesh for bark, but I think you’d have carved yourself into me anyway.

The End

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