i can't sleepMature

I can’t sleep - thoughts of your mouth
hot and open and breathing into mine
are keeping me awake.  I remember too much
and everything feels distant, still,
everything except the press of your fingertips
digging into my hips, the curl of your spine as you
move above me, the swell of our heartbeats synchronizing.
I can’t sleep and I’m lying next to you,
wanting to be closer, wanting to shed our skins
like snakes, molting in order to grow;
I want to merge like clouds as they brew up a storm.
You are my thunder, cracking through the sky,
you are the pounding of my heart in the middle of the night
when there’s nothing left to think about except
the plumpness of your lips and the sunken craters
littering my body where you press hard enough 
that I think we might break through these fleshy barriers -
but then you pull away and your lungs draw in air
and I am panting, wanting to share it with you but you’re
another body entirely and though I feel it when your soul shifts,
I will never know the taste of our love on your tongue.

The End

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