i crave your wreckageMature

I crave your wreckage
like ghost limbs crave flesh
and I chew on my hunger
until it numbs itself.

So many hours sit between us
like garbage dump islands
and the stench of all our unspoken
compromises fouls the air.

I grew down in a city that
never lived; in a muddy town
beside a muddy river with
muddy blooded people.

I was not meant for this kind
of banishment, but you reached up
from between the cracks and 
showed me that things still grow.

The air is dank today, heavy
with the smell of wet vegetation,
and I think of life but I also
think of death, and you, and 

the unstoppable nature of
organisms and atoms and the
chemistry between two bodies
despite their slow decay.

The End

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