you climbed sky scrapersMature

You climbed sky scrapers at three am,
your hands cut to ribbons on the edges, slicking
the ledges with the maroon prints of your existence,
just to poke out the lights keeping me awake.
I wait for you on the fire escape, smoking
my cigarette and watching the windows blink out
like dying stars in a sky made of stainless steel
and the reflections of distorted windows in
distorted windows.  My fingers shake as I exhale,
as I watch you leap from a nearby rooftop
to catch yourself on the railing and I know
that you won’t miss because you’ve done this
a million times before but just before your fingers
clamp down, just before the weight of you shakes
the metal frame of the fire escape, just before
you vanish from my line of sight for a split second,
my heart stops and the world stops and I wait
for you like a breath that might never come,
like a sunset that might never sink beyond the
jutting skyline; I know you carry the sun on a string
and I worry you won’t always be there
to make sure the night is dark and quiet and
that the sun rises in the morning.

The End

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