absences and charmsMature

You wear my soul around your neck like a charm,
it glints in the sunlight but at night it glows,
and you tell me you’ll keep it safe there, and I want to believe you
but I’ve seen the way you discard things and
I know that you can be forgetful so I still find myself
worrying -
concerned that your sometimes careless hands
might crush it or bruise it or leave it on a park bench
in a city you only visited for half an hour
and you’ll come home to me, an empty chain around your neck
and tell me that you missed me, that you thought of me
whenever you passed a window with your reflection
and you realized I was not beside you and you ached,
in that split instant, for my fingers knotted in yours,
and you won’t mention that it vanished as soon as you blinked
but I’ll know the same way I know you’ll never go looking
for the things of mine you’ve lost.

The End

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