when you wake up late at nightMature

When you wake up late at night
and through the dirty hours before daybreak
because the stiffness in your muscles
has reached a breaking point and your joints
are rotting away beneath your skin in slow
cycles of decay and your bones cry out for mercy
because the weight of your world is too heavy
to bear, and dreams do not offer escape any more - 
only the repeated tedium of your day, over and over,
like a prayer mantra meant only to drain you
when you thought you’d been emptied already -
take heart.

Your body is an organic machine and what dies
will be reborn, those muscles will re-stitch and
your joints will loosen up and though your bones
will always cry out beneath the weight of the world
and the hundred thousand things you take unto yourself,
you will know peace and you will know darkness
in equal measure and that might frighten you now
but one day it won’t frighten you any more, so
take heart.

The End

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