Prove It

Can’t say what really itches at me

Because I don’t want to seem like ‘woe-is-me”

But if I don’t express what claws down my back

Then it happens again

I can’t accept the imagination of you leaving

But I would let you go if it made you full of zeal

While I lose faith in everything else

Why do you do this every day to me?

Acting like you don’t care at all

I know what love is, and it shouldn’t be hurting this way

Do you really and honestly want to last forever?

You don’t act like you do

I want you to really see me with my aching heart

I want you to see what you do to me

I doubt I cross your mind when I’m gone

Paranoia, second-guessing myself with every turn of my back

I'm losing from my faith

Tell me why

Tell me why you do this to me

It’s in me, crying along with me

Splintered in my chest

I’m continuously at war with my mind and heart

My words, they are cold

I don’t want to hurt you

But right now, it seems like you deserve them

This is going nowhere but to leaf someone behind

I beg of you

If you love me like you say you do

Be man enough and prove it

The End

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