Protect The Brand


There's been a fire!

I do declare!

Smoke and flames

and water damage there!

Alarms a-ringing

The Firemen came

The Store Manager said..

''It's such a shame!''

''Protect the Brand!''

She said, so stern

''We are one team!''

She did affirm..

Two hundred staff

An posh!

Coffee and biscuits..

they did nosh

Reality sets in

It's really severe!

To other stores you must go!

There's no work for you here!

The bra's all singed

The knickers charred

The ceiling's damaged

The flooring's scarred

The food's gone off

It's all a mess

The electric's blown

It need's an assess

The staff are down

The staff stand stooped

The workplace's gone

Off they trooped

The future's unknown

Uncertainty's for sure

That things wont be the same

Next time they walk through that door!

The End

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