Protagonize Today: October 20th

Yo! RockLobster's time to take over the page,

So open your eyes 'cause I'm out of my cage!


LittleRed's poetry has been flying in fast,

Sometimes it's racy, but damn, it's got flow,

She's perfected the rhyme, her timing is fine,

There's gold in each line, just wish it was mine!

While Moonwalkers added to the Olius post,

With Impossible Waters hitting our coast,

And hey, if RT is hooked, it's gotta be sweet,

So browse over there and check out the heat.

No need to say it, but Sly's pub has to be read,

Hell, why don't you add? "Everyone's invited!" Sly said.

My own two stories both grew a bit today,

Complete opposites, but I like them the same,

And Kevichella's superhero is just the slightest bit mad,

So check out The Truth about that damn crazy lad.


Anyway, I'm sure more gold will be posted today,

But keep an eye out 'cause they're takin' me away...

The End

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