Protagonize Today: October 18th

the days fly by, in a long straight line,

already here we are, on day nine,

BFD is your author, reporting again,

hoping someone will follow,  on day ten.


Monkette's writing a story, about a werewolf with a degree,

with Seldom as a partner, i wish the other author was me,

with blood and mutilation, "Full Moon" is good fun,

unless your the hunted, the one on the run,


"Depth" is another great story, from the author named Sly,

it's about some crashed convicts, it's filed under sci-fi,

four criminals, a spaceship and guns galore,

i wonder what else, Sly's kept in store,


Next up is a story, by Seldom and Dys,

it's really well written, "Banner of silver kiss",

a story of tyrants, or a noble uprising,

I'm not going to tell you, but that's hardly surprising,


A writer Tip_a_steinback, has a really great post,

it's in crime and detective, but i bet he wont boast,

Dingus Macpherson, in "The ocelot's coat",

it's extraordinary writing, but i bet he wont gloat.


So that's my four headlines, my picks of the day,

there's just one thing left, for me to say,

from me BFD and my occasional reports,

i hope you've enjoyed, my personal thoughts. 

The End

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